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Clubs & Courses

Clubs for the School Year of 2019/2020

TUESDAY Year Teacher
Drama for Christmas Performance Y4 - Y6 Ms Mattey, Ms Mila
Props for Christmas Performance Y4 - Y6 Ms Csilla
Maths Challenges Y4 - Y6 Mr Masoud
Basketball Y6 - Y8 Mr Peter
Scrabble Y3 - Y6 Mrs Parker
Code Club Y4 - Y6 Ms Laura
Slovak for beginners Y3 - Y4 Mrs Gitka
Outdoor activities for CCA and DofE Y7 - Y11 Mr Andy, Mr John, Mr David
Basketball Club Y7 - Y8 Mr Peter
Chess Club Y7 - Y14 Mr David, Mr Mike
Advanced Drama Club Y10 - Y14 Ms Joceline
MUN and EEYP conference preparation Y10 - Y14 Ms Nichola
WEDNESDAY Year Teacher
Tichu Y5 - Y6 Mr George
Dance Club Y4 - Y6 Ms Natalia
Football Y4 - Y6 Ms Gemma
Homework Club Y3 - Y6 Ms Sharam
Baking Club Y2 - Y3 Ms Bianka, Ms Zuzana
Craft Club Y2 - Y3 Ms Jana G.
Physics support Club Y12 Ms Simona
German Club Y9 - Y11 Mrs Jana
THURSDAY Year Teacher
Board games Club Y7 - Y10 Mr Robert
Football Y2 - Y3 Mr Stefen, Mr Jack
Animal Club Y3 - Y4 Ms Orla
Gardening Club Y3 - Y6 Ms Petra
Machine learning Club Y10 - Y14 Mr Ryan
IGCSE German Club Y10 Mrs Jana
Spanish Club Y7 - Y9 Ms Consuelo

Courses for the School Year of 2019/2020

MONDAY Year Teacher Time
Judo Y2 - Y6 Dávid Dikácz 15:45-16:45
Yoga for children Primary Y2 - Y6 Nina Menkynová 15:45-16:25
Yoga for children Secondary Y7 - Y11 Nina Menkynová 16:30-17:10
Floorball Primary Y2 - Y7 Rado Bohman 15:45-17:15
Floorball Secondary Y8 - Y11 Rado Bohman 17:20-18:30
TUESDAY Year Teacher Time
Floorball Primary Y2 - 7 Rado Bohman 16:45-18:15
Parkour Y2 - Y11 Dominik Neuberg 15:45-16:45
WEDNESDAY Year Teacher Time
Little Medics Y2 - Y6 Faculty of Medicine, Bratislava 15:45-16:45
THURSDAY Year Teacher Time
Floorball Secondary Y8 - Y11 Rado Bohman 17:20-18:50
Fencing Y3 - Y6 Ján Cipár 15:45-16:45
FRIDAY Year Teacher Time
Parkour Y2 - Y11 Dominik Neuberg 15:45-16:45
Cirkus-Kus Y2 - Y6 Elena Kremnická 15:45-16:45
ANY DAY Year Teacher Time
Music Instrument - Guitar, Violin, Cello, Viola Y2 - Y14 Bronislav Svitek agree with Mr Svitek