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Daily routines

All members of our community who will come into contact with your children during the school day have undergone Covid-19 testing, in addition to the other precautions we are taking in school to protect everyone’s health. Our aim is that your children can enjoy their return to school and that you feel safe in the environment we are providing.

The school will not be able offer the following activities, based on government guidance:

  • Playroom before and after school.
  • Events.
  • Trips.
  • Indoor PE.
  • Assemblies where year groups are mixed.
  • Clubs and Courses.

This will be kept under review based upon any changes in government guidance.

If any child, or member of the household where the child lives, or staff member visits a country or a region in a country considered to be high risk by the Slovak Republic, they must follow the government regulations of remaining in quarantine for 5 days before having a Covid-19 test. No one should return to school until they receive a negative test result.  For all other countries and regions, we would strongly encourage people to avoid all but necessary travel for the first half term and to have a Covid-19 test before returning to school. However, if any travel is planned or takes place, we would request that parents notify the Class Teacher in advance to assist them in monitoring the health and welfare of all children. In line with school policy, we do not support absence for holidays during teaching time.

Items to bring

Children need to bring the following items:

  • A completed health declaration and travel declaration. Find the forms below CIS instructions. 
    • They need to be printed, completed and returned on at the start of the first day and an additional copy of the health declaration will be required if a child is absent for more than 3 days. Please note on the first day forms should be returned at the entrance allocated for your child’s year group. Children will not be permitted to enter the building unless we have received a completed paper form, and please note in Primary this must be submitted by a parent.
    • Please also complete this information in advance with our planning and preparation.
    • 2 masks (Whole School). The first mask should be worn to arrive at school and should not be removed unless children are in the canteen for snack/lunch. In Year 2 - Year 5 masks do not have to be worn in the classroom.
  • Disposable paper towels/handkerchiefs. This is a government requirement but we will also supply paper towels in classrooms and in toilets.
  • 1 pair of indoor trainers that are to be worn only on the school site. These shoes must be thoroughly cleaned before they are brought to school.
  • Children will be asked to change into these shoes upon arrival at school.
  • Bag and pencil case
  • Plastic or metal water bottle and sun hat
  • As far as is possible, children should not bring coats or any other additional items into school – if the weather is wet, we will run an indoor breaktime provision. Up to the 26th September, we will not be using the cloakrooms and Secondary students will not be using lockers. 
  • Children must not bring their own food to school, although children with special dietary requirements can continue to bring in their own food as they did previously – please discuss this with the Class Teacher.
  • Please do not send in any extra food, such as birthday cakes, at this time.
  • Children also do not need their entrance swipe cards, not even for lunch time.


Any unwell child will be sent home, regardless of their symptoms as a precaution. If your child misses more than 3 days of school, you must supply a written statement to the school to show that the child is now healthy and has not been subject to quarantine.

If your child is at all unwell, please do not send them to school. This is to protect the health of all members of our community.

Arrival at school

If a child needs to leave for a medical appointment, etc., they will need to have their temperature checked if they return to school. Parents will be asked to inform Class Teachers by email of any appointments, copying Reception, at least a day in advance of the arrangements so that the school can modify procedures for the child in this case.

Children who miss their year group slot will have to wait until 09:00 before they are admitted and should come to Reception in this case. Older siblings can be dropped off during their younger siblings’ arrival slot, they will go to their own classroom and will be left quietly occupied, remotely supervised by an adult, whilst the Class Teacher is collecting their class. Please note on this first day children will only be admitted if they have submitted the health and travel declaration forms.

Parents may not enter the building, ensuring children come into contact with as few adults as possible. This is a whole school policy. We hope to revise this as soon as is practical and safe to do so.

During the day

All staff will be expected to wear a mask or a face shield when on the school premises.

Children must spend the day only with children from their own class and cannot mix with children from other classes. In the canteen and the playground, classes will also be kept separate and will have designated areas of space to use.

To minimise the chances of classes accidentally mixing, we will not be using some of the specialist classrooms such as the Library or Art Rooms. In Secondary, the children will be allocated to specific classrooms and will not move from lesson to lesson, rather the teachers will move. Full details will be shared with students on the first day of term.

No child is allowed to move around the building on their own. They will be accompanied by an adult at all times. There will be extra supervision in place to ensure that classes do not meet or mix.

There will be regular scheduled opportunities for children to wash their hands and to use toilets; as ever we will be encouraging good hygiene habits. Shared spaces, such as toilets and the canteen will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day.

Classroom windows will be open but fans and air conditioning will not be used.

End of the day

Children will leave their classrooms, collect a snack to take home and then they will be dismissed from the same point at which they arrived. The only exception to the snack arrangement is Year 2 as the children will have their snack in the canteen as per their timetable.

There will be no after school supervision available. Please be prompt in collecting your children.

There is a great deal of information in here and we hope that this provides a full picture of all the precautions we are taking to re-open the school safely.

If you have any specific questions, please, as the normal first step, contact the Class Teacher. You will receive an introductory email from your child’s Class Teacher shortly.

We are all excited to be welcoming the children back to school and to start the new school year. Your child´s class teacher will email you on Friday with some more information.

Thank you in advance for your help and support and we look forward to working with you and your children over the coming year.