COVID Automat - Year 2


Bratislava is an orange district.

Schools will not close across the board.

Health Declaration

When you enter the school, please fill in the form - Online Health Declaration.

The students still need to bring a new signed copy of the health declaration after absences lasting 3 or more days (including weekends and holidays).


Primary school-age children and younger do not need to test. Testing remains important in reducing the risk of transmission of infection.

Face masks

Students are strongly encouraged to continue wearing face coverings during lesson times with appropriate mask breaks given by teachers. Students are still required to wear face coverings indoors when travelling around the school building or in communal areas. Upper Secondary students, parents, staff and visitors are required to wear face coverings at all times when inside the school building. This is an update from the guidance for September 2nd for Primary and Lower Secondary students.


Teaching takes place without restrictions.


  • Družina is open to students from Tuesday 14th September and runs from 15.35 -17.00 Monday – Friday. 
  • Morning Družina is open from 7.30 until beginning of teaching for Year 2 to Year 6.
  • Družina does not take place next week from Monday 25th to Friday 29th due to Autumn Holiday.


Autumn Holidays:

25th October to 29th October

Christmas Holidays:

23rd December to 7th January 

Half Year Holidays:

4th January

Spring Holidays:

28th February to 4th March

Easter Holidays:

14th April to 22nd April



22nd October 2021