The Award

The Award equips young people for life and work

Start your Award

Taking part in the Award requires commitment over time but it is simple to get started and you will reap the rewards for your time and effort.

As an Award participant you will:

  • Design your own Award
  • Set your own goals and record your progress
  • Make a positive impact on the lives of others through community service
  • Learn valuable practical and social skills for career development
  • Connect with other Award participants at home and abroad

Plus, if you're already taking part in activities, such as sports or volunteering, you can continue with these and receive recognition for them as part of your Award. 

How to get started:  

  • Register with our Award Leader Mr Andrew Melia
  • Our school team of Award leaders is available for you and can provide more information: Mr Andrew Melia and Ms Zoe Higginbotham
  • Contact us by email at

What is involved?

Service . Skills . Physical Recreation . Adventurous Journey 


The Service section of the Award encourages young people to volunteer their time to and understand the benefits of this service to their community.


The Skills section of the Award encourages the development of personal interests and practical and social skills.

Physical Recreation

The Physical Recreation section of the Award encourages young people to participate in sport and other physical recreation for the improvement of health and fitness.

Adventurous Journey

The Adventurous Journey section encourages a sense of adventure whilst undertaking a team journey or expedition. As part of a small team, participants will plan, train for and undertake a journey with a defined purpose in an unfamiliar environment.

If you would like to find out more about the Award please visit their official website. 

We encourage all the Award participants to join our FB group where we share important information about the upcoming hikes, trainings and more.

You can read furher about the stages of the Award - Bronze, Silver and Gold in these brochures:

   Guide for Bronze Award participants

   Guide for Silver Award participants

   Guide for Gold Award participants




30th August - Y2 Introduction Day

2nd September - Term starts 8:30