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Tuition Fees

The annual fees for the school years 2022/2023

If you are interested in placement for the remainder of the current Academic Year 2022/2023, please contact our Admissions team directly for current fees.

    Euros per year Euros per month
(10 equal instalments)
Years 2-6 Key Stage 2 13 200,00 € 1 320,00 €
Years 7-9 Key Stage 3 14 200,00 € 1 420,00 €
Years 10-11 Key Stage 4 14 600,00 € 1 460,00 €
Years 12-13 Key Stage 5 15 900,00 € 1 590,00 €

There is a one-time only application fee for all classes (for more details contact our Admissions Manager).

There are no other fees connected with any compulsory part of the school’s programme. A wide range of optional activities are also provided free of any charge. The school does not charge a capital or building levy/fee.

The above fees include:

  • Tuition
  • A morning and afternoon snack
  • School lunch
  • Text books (to be returned in good condition after use)
  • Consumable workbooks and stationery
  • Certain local excursions as a part of the school's academic curriculum and playroom for primary students

The school employs full-time specialist English as an Additional Language (EAL) teachers and Special Educational Needs (SEN) teachers as well as a School Counsellor and University Guidance Officers (UGO). Additional English support, learning support, emotional counselling and university counselling services are provided free of charge.

Early Payment discount
If payment is made in full for the year by 31st May of the current school year, a 2% discount is available.

Year 7 and Year 12

  • The fee standard for Y7 moving into Lower Secondary for Academic Year 2022/2023 will be 14 200€.
  • The fee standard for Y12 moving into Sixth Form for Academic Year 2022/2023 will be 15 900€.

Year 14
Students are welcome to return to school for Year 14 to complete their Slovak Maturita and re-sit relevant A-level examinations or to pursue further courses as applicable. There is also a possibility to prepare online for the Slovak Maturita via distance learning. Entry to Year 14 is determined individually based on suitability for Year 14 in Cambridge International School and fees will be based on the student’s subject combination for the further year of study