2016/17 Year 2 enrolment testing

Year 2 enrolment testing is a part of the admission to 2016/17 Year 2 at our school. You can find information about the whole process here.

Year 2 enrolment testing

As the next step of the enrolment process, we would like to invite you to enrolment testing which will take place on Wednesday, February 17th 2016 from 13:30 to 16:30 (it is necessary to sign up).

Testing will be focused on English and Maths, and will last about 20 minutes. It will be undertaken by our teachers, who will make it interactive and relaxed. The results of the testing are internal and will not be shared with parents. They will help us to build a complete picture of your child which along with the school readiness test results will enable us to make decisions about acceptance into the school.

For more information contact our Admissions manager Ms Jana Mazúchová by email at admissions@cambridgeschool.eu or by phone at +421 907 999 103.




30th August - Y2 Introduction Day

2nd September - Term starts 8:30