3rd CIS International Day

We will be holding our 3rd CIS International Day when we celebrate various cultures, traditions, languages, music, cuisine, art – anything typical or different making a particular part of the world special. The event will take place on Wednesday, May 18th in our school. 

Students can look forward to a rich international programme. We are expecting a lot of interesting guests - more than 15 different countries will be represented in various ways. It's exciting to see the parents of our students involved too! Thank you for making this such an amazing event.



22th March - Secondary ball + Urban Forests in Bratislava + International Day of Water - Y5 

5th April - Make Sale + Urban Forests in Bratislava - Y5 

10th April - Tea and music - Primary

11th April - Book fair

12th April - Book fair

14th May - Film music concert - Y6/Y7

2nd - 4th April - Individual parents evenings for Primary

8th - 9th April - Individual parents evenings for Secondary