Hviezdoslavov Kubín

23.01.2020 / share

Hviezdoslavov Kubín is an inherent part of the Slovak literary traditions measuring skills in poetry and prose.

Hviezdoslavov Kubín is an inherent part of the Slovak literary traditions. It is a recitation competition (named after Slovak poet, Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav) measuring skills in two categories: poetry and prose. The school round of the competition took place on 23th January 2020. Our talented students demonstrated great presenting skills as well as performances of a high quality. The judges had to think rigorously when deciding on winners but finally, they managed to make some great choices. The winners will continue to represent our school during the region round of the competition and we will hold our fingers crossed for them. The results in the category: prose, are as follows:

First place: Terezka P. Y4H
Second place: Gabriela S. Y4F

 The results in the category: poetry, are as follows:

First place: Jakub R. Y5M
Second place: Karolína K. Y4F
Third place: Karla M. Y3P, Miška J. Y3P

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