Welcome from the Director

Dear Parents,

We are now a fortnight into the academic year and the school is a hive of activity, inside and out.

The start of September saw a number of new staff join us and I am pleased to say that they have all settled well and are each making a real contribution to the whole school as well as their individual areas of responsibility. We have also had many new students join us and so to them and their families, a very warm welcome to our Cambridge School community.  And, of course, welcome back to all those who were with us last year.

Clubs and courses start next week and we will have a wide range of diverse activities happening after school from Monday to Friday. We also of course, have our Cambridge Challenge Award and International Award for senior students, mostly taking place over weekends and during school holidays.  So plenty for everyone, both for enjoyment and also for broader development and the acquisition of significant skills and experience – a great preparation for future life.

It is very important to us that our students have a lot of fun at school so that they look forward to coming every day. However, it must also be remembered that we are a place of education where students should acquire knowledge and develop skills, inquisitiveness and a love of learning. Consequently, it is important that they attend every day they can and that attendance at school takes priority over family trips and other outside activities. The school calendar which is available on our website shows clearly when school is in session and when our holidays fall (one is coming up during the last week of October). Unless it is absolutely necessary, please do not keep students from school when we are open, as it disrupts their education as well as depriving them of the pleasure of being here to learn with friends.

Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead.

Peter Radoja