Official Year 6 testing results

Our Year 6S and 6H students recently participated in official testing organised by NÚCEM (an organisation accredited by Slovak Ministry of Education) together with pupils in schools throughout the whole country. The testing focused on Slovak language, literature and Maths to the extent studied across Year 2-5.

The aim of the testing was to collect objective information about the academic level of students in various schools, their skills and knowledge. This year group was picked as the second stage of Slovak primary schools begins in the 5th grade (our Year 6).

We are very pleased by the excellent results achieved in both subjects, particularly remembering that we teach Maths in the English language according to a British curriculum. In particular, we would like to congratulate Doraid Sleiman, who achieved 100% in Maths. Congratulations!



Average success rate in Slovakia


Average success in rate CIS

76.52% (higher by 14.53%)


Slovak language and literature


Average success rate in Slovakia


Average success in rate CIS

81.88% (higher by 15.26%)



22th March - Secondary ball + Urban Forests in Bratislava + International Day of Water - Y5 

5th April - Make Sale + Urban Forests in Bratislava - Y5 

10th April - Tea and music - Primary

11th April - Book fair

12th April - Book fair

14th May - Film music concert - Y6/Y7

2nd - 4th April - Individual parents evenings for Primary

8th - 9th April - Individual parents evenings for Secondary