Secondary Christmas Performance

Oliver Twist, is a poor orphan boy, born in a workhouse where he is bullied and abused. Is there any hope for Oliver? Well, he is sold to an undertaker (a creepy coffin maker) and bullied again! Desperate, he runs away to London, starving and exhausted. As luck turns out, he meets a friendly lad called Jack Dawkins, better known as The Artful Dodger (this is where you need to watch your pockets and make sure he’s not dodging about near you). Anyway, Dodger offers Oliver shelter at the home of Fagin, who looks after orphans and trains them to be pickpockets. Just when Oliver thinks he’s got lucky in London, believing that picking pockets is only a game, he is shocked when he realises it’s for real. His fate can only get worse – destined to a life of crime! However, with the help of some kind and good people that he meets, his future brightens, albeit with sacrifices tragically made by others.