Project Based Learning - Year 9

Should we colonize Mars and what would life be like?

Life on Mars: The possibility of life on Mars is an important issue that might one day affect all our lives. As teachers, we were keen to introduce this topic to Year 9, enabling students to focus on multi-disciplinary learning in order to tackle real life issues that matter to them. Students have been innovative and engaged during their first PBL week and the learning has been exceptional and unique. From learning about the Science and Mathematics of space travel, to creating fashion and a catwalk show based entirely on recycled material, a Mars Trashion Show, the week culminated in a debate in which all Year 9 students spoke confidently for or against the idea of humans travelling to and colonizing the Red Planet.  Having completed this week, students now have a clear sense of the issues involved in the topic area and have developed their insights into such an important future issue.