Personality traits & Academic achievement

22.04.2021 | Written by Ms Marina

Personality traits are relatively stable patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours we all possess.

In everyday conversations, we often comment on our personality traits or those of other people, for example: “I am very reserved, and person Y is talkative and outgoing” or “My child is very kind.” Personality traits can predict or affect success in different areas of our lives, and therefore, it is not surprising that they are one of the most popular constructs in psychology.

There are many different scientific models and theories of personality, but in our series of articles, we are going to focus on the “Big Five” model and its association with academic achievement.

The Big Five model proposes that our personality can be measured along five different spectrums. For each personality trait we have two extreme ends.

If you are interested in finding out your own levels of the Big Five personality traits, you can try this free test:

 Big Five personality test