Bronze DofE team Practice Expedition

01.06.2021 | Written by Mr Andy Melia

After months of waiting and preparation the Bronze 20/21 team finally got hiking.

The weather was perfect, participants more than ready and Award Leaders greatly relieved to be finally back in the hills and hiking. Matus, Peter, Alex, Stella, Shankera and Vivi arrived at the starting point of their hike on a clear Saturday morning to begin their Bronze Practice Journey.

The route would take them up into the Little Carpathians, along some newly established hiking trails with their final destination being Kamzik. Despite the long delays caused by Covid-19, the team were excellently prepared and did themselves proud.

On a hike, food can often be the one thing that can make or break a trip. Tired and hungry after a day’s walking, there is nothing better than sitting down to a good meal. If the food is inadequate this can have a very negative affect on the team’s morale. However, this team produced some excellent foot, with every member pitching in and making the meal into an event.

This team will now focus on completing their activities and getting ready for their Qualifying Expedition in September.

The DofE International Award is open to all CIS students from Y9 and above. If you are interested in joining the next team and want more information watch the video below and then contact Mr. Andy.