Getting the DofE done during Lockdown

13.04.2021 | Written by Vivi and Stella H., Y9

Despite Covid restrictions two of our Bronze participants are making great progress with their Award. Here’s how.

You may have heard about the international award (DoFE). The difficulties, challenges, accomplishments. You can have fun, make friends, but most importantly challenge yourself. It has been especially challenging throughout the lockdown. Even if it meant that the conditions were not ideal, we still managed to stick with the award.

The most challenging part was figuring out what to do for our community service. Since everything has closed, the options were very limited. We wanted to do something that was effective yet did not require lots of social interaction. Therefore, we chose to help an organisation for the homeless Maltezska Pomoc. We enjoy taking part in this project and making their work a little bit easier.

We have been doing lots of outdoor activities throughout lockdown to maintain fit and strong. Doing things such as weekly runs or bicycle rides as well as daily workouts have enabled us to continue with our physical activity, despite cancelled trainings.

As for our skill, we have decided to learn how to play the guitar. Playing the guitar has many benefits such as improved concentration and it can build confidence. It also improves time management which is key to completing the IA. We have had a couple online lessons with our teacher because we agreed that it is not responsible or safe to meet personally.

Even though the International award is difficult it comes with many benefits and lifelong memories. It can help with university applications and it could lead to a brighter future. We are very grateful for the opportunities that the award has provided.