International Award training sessions restart

15.05.2021 | Written by Mr Andy

Participants take part in weekend training session in preparation for their DofE expeditions. Happily, we are back in training!

The DofE International Award took a step closer to normality with the restarting of weekend training sessions. These were a regular feature of Bronze team preparation but have been put on hold for the last 18 months due to Coronavirus. Happily, we are back in training! 

Shankera, Peter, Matus, Alex, Vivi and Stella, all Y9 students, arrived at school ready to undertake workshops in navigation, camp craft and camp cooking, as well as to start the planning for their Practice Journey later this month. The training was run by Mr. Andy Melia and Miss Zoe Higginbotham. 

The team will be heading to Borinka later this month in the first of two hikes they need to complete the International Award. These trips are planned, organised, and carried out by the participants themselves, with guidance from our Award Leaders, and require the team to be coordinated, resilient and  self-reliant………all attributes we at CIS hope to instil in our students. 

So, we wish them all the very best of luck on their expedition, and we will keep you updated on how they get along.