Online session: Importance of Outdoor Activities

18.03.2021 | Written by Petra K., Y12

This week we had the pleasure of hosting a webchat with the director of Outward Bound Slovakia, Michal Keim.

Last week the CIS Outdoor club was lucky enough to sit down with Mr. Michal Keim, head of Outward Bound Slovakia (OB). The OB is an international organisation started in the UK and is designed to give students a greater appreciation for the outdoors and an holistic approach to education.

Mr. Keim spoke to us about his love of nature and how his journey began. His career in outdoor education has taken him from Slovakia, to Bulgaria, Hong Kong, the US, Oman and many other parts of the world. An OB leader is a great profession for someone who loves to travel, enjoys adventure and gets satisfaction from making a real change in the lives of young people.

We really appreciated Mr. Keim taking time out of his busy day to be with us, and we look forward to inviting him to CIS once we are allowed to do so.