Online session: Voyage of discovery into the history of ancient Egypt

17.05.2021 | Written by Mr Andy

We had the great opportunity of chatting with Miss Paulína Šútorová, an Egyptologist, who took us on an incredible voyage of discovery into the history of ancient Egypt.

The webchat was attended by Y9 students together with some history buffs from other year groups, and detailed the life and career of someone who has dedicated their life to academia and the study of our distant ancestors.

Miss Šútorová is an expert in the Queens of the New Kingdom and in hieroglyphics. She has been part of a successful expedition to Egypt and studied at Swansea University in the UK. She is also collaborates with the Slovak Egyptological Foundation Aigyptos and contributed to several international projects in her field. It was great to have her spare some time to talk to us about the importance of her work and be able to answer some questions from staff and students.

The talk ranged from details about her career choices and why she decided on the study of history, her work in Egypt, how exactly digs operate, and what it is like to be ‘Indiana Jones’ (and it’s nothing like the movies!!). She also shared some pictures of the things that had been discovered on her digs which included scarabs, skeletons, and beautiful pieces of jewellery. It was a fascinating presentation which could have gone on much longer if we had had more time.

We’d like to thank Miss Šútorová for her time and sincerely hope she’ll be able to visit us in person one day.