The Bronze award expedition

09.09.2021 | Written by Viola Kostalova

Day 1: We met up at the bus station in Nivy where we divided the food and equipment among us and took a bus to Sološnica bus stop from where we followed the yellow route to Dolina. After the checkpoint in Dolina we traveled along the red and blue route, stopping for lunch for which we had wraps with all sorts of fillings such as guacamole or corn. We decided to go around Vysoká, which is a very challenging hill. It was very windy and we were worried that branches of trees might start falling, fortunately everything went well in the end. Our campsite was on the bottom of a lake in Kuchyňa which took us some time to find but we made it. After we put up the tents, we treated ourselves with some fruits and hot chocolate. At the end of the evening, we had a meeting about the challenge we were going to face tomorrow, and we started making a delicious codbuller for dinner. We washed the dishes and got ready for bed by 10:00pm. Even though it was a challenging day, we had a lot of fun!

Day 2: The very next day we woke up at around 6:00am and while some of us packed the tents the rest of us prepared the breakfast and lunch. After having some bread with cheese, ham and veggies for breakfast we tidied up and walked to Jabloňova bus stop from where we took the bus to Skala bus stop following the yellow and green route to Lintavy, Červený Domček. After a quick lunch break we continued on the green route until we reached Pod Kamenným Vŕškom where we switched to the blue route which took us to Stupava. The last difficulty we faced was the infant park in Stupava which took ages to cross. But after we finally emerged from the park we spotted our final destination; the bus stop in Stupava. That’s where the journey ended, some of us got picked up by our parents and some of us went home by bus. Even though our sore legs might say otherwise, we enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to the next expedition.