What do I need to complete the Adventurous Journey?

18.02.2021 | Written by Samo M., Y12S

What do I need to complete the Adventurous Journey?

Due to the current situation, our school is unable to organize any hikes (adventurous journeys), so it will be good to at least get through your IA preparation and training. These next articles will help give you the understanding needed to go on an adventurous journey. We are not sure how long it will take to get back into the original rhythm of things, when Mr. Melia will be able to give presentations on each topic, so these articles should serves as basic information and something that you will be able to refer back to when you might have forgotten something.

One of the most basic but hardest things is to pack your bag the day before a hike. It is always important to check the weather forecast for the location and for the days during which the hike is taking place. This will help you make the appropriate choice of clothing. Trust me this is very important because there were cases when people did not check the forecast and came in shorts and t-shirts on a hike during which it predicted to rain majority of the time.

Important Equipment that you will need to buy beforehand:

  • Hiking boots – for the IA hikes you will need proper hiking boots, not trainers, this will ensure you won’t have really sore feet after a day of hiking and that you will have suitable shoes for the environment

  • Backpack – Mr. Melia always recommends a 50L rucksack, but from my experience it is better to get around a 60L backpack (especially when you are in charge of the food or equipment). Remember you will need to carry 2 days’ worth of clothes and food. Remember empty space does not weigh anything, so its better to have more space than less.

  • Sleeping bag – 2 season sleeping bag should be enough.

  • Roll mat – this should be thick enough to insulate you from the cold ground and comfortable enough to give you a good night’s sleep.

*All this equipment can be found easily in a shop like SportsDirect and need not be very expensive.

Personal Equipment:

  • Clothing: (this is important since you will need spare clothes in case you get soaked or dirty, and so that you have fresh shirts, socks and underwear for each day)

These would be my recommendations (one of each you will be wearing on your first day):

  • 3 pairs of socks 

  • 3 pairs of underwear 

  • 3 pairs of shirts 

  • 2 pairs of trousers (one preferably waterproof and one normal trousers, not jeans)

  • Sweater

  • Waterproof jacket (even if the forecast says nice weather there is always a chance it will rain)

  • A hat and sun cream 

  • Snacks (bring chocolate bars and sweats, something that will boost your energy when you are getting tired or when you are a tad bit hungry)

  • Water (make sure you have enough water that will last you 2 days, a small water bottle and a big mineral water bottle should be enough, there should always be places to refill water during your hike)

  • Food (this will be something that the people in the team, in charge of the food, will decide upon and inform you about what will be eaten on each day, for lunch and dinner)

  • Toiletries (this includes; toilet paper, tooth paste and tooth brush, small towel, soap and matches)

  • Electronics and Miscellaneous (phone (can only be used incase of emergencies) with charger or power bank, money (no more than 15 euros), some form of identification eg. ID or passport, health insurance cards

Equipment from school and role specific equipment:

  • Tents (this is provided by the school and before the hike you will agree with your team on who is going to carry a tent)

  • First Aid Kit (if your role is First Aid you will have to have space for a First Aid Kit)

  • Gas Canisters (*provided by the school* generally if you’re in charge of equipment you will have to carry these on you as well as other equipment others might not have space for, such as a tent or food)

  • Route plan, Map and Compass (if you are in charge of navigation you will have to carry these)

  • Food (if you are in charge of food you will have to carry the food for lunch and dinner, the equipment person can help you carry it but remember they should not carry everything)