Alexia Evans: One of the youngest writers in Slovakia publishes her second book

24.03.2021 | Written by Mr Andy

At CIS we are always happy to showcase the activities of our students outside of School, CIS strives to encourage the best in our students.

A great example of this is Alexia Evans in Y6JS. Lexi is a published author with two beautiful books to her name and no doubt many more to come. J.K. Rowling better watch out!

Alexia’s first book ‘Planet Subila’ follows the adventures of Rose, Mia and Max as they find themselves trapped on a strange planet. Yikes! Will they ever get home? Her second book, Mira’s Vet Diary, takes us on a completely different adventure as we explore the life of Storm the cat and the people he comes in contact with. Throughout both of these lovely stories we clearly hear Lexi’s voice through her very unique style.

Writing of any kind is a commitment of time, patience and creativity, and it takes a great deal of all three when you are just ten years old. To be able to ignore the distractions of the TV, internet, video games etc. and focus full attention on imagining an entire world filled with unique creatures with character and lives, who draw us in and make us want to turn over the next page, that is talent.  

So, for any other budding authors out there here is a tip from C.S.Lewis, the author of the Narnia series:

“Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, and nothing else. (Notice this means that if you are interested only in writing you will never be a writer, because you will have nothing to write about)”.

Congratulations, Lexi, we are very proud of you.

To find out more about Lexi’s books you can visit: