Chess Tournament: Online and still winning

16.03.2021 | Written by Samuel M. - Y12

Students from secondary participated in the Bratislava Chess Championship of Secondary Schools 2021. Our school came in 8th out of the 15 secondary schools that have participated. This is an amazing result, since our students were up against opponents that play chess professionally.

Online Chess

Due to the current situation in the world, the chess tournaments were adapted so that they could still take place. The last few tournaments, including this one, have been hosted on the website, where people can play chess on their computers at home.

This tournament was played in teams. Each of the students that signed up was put into their respective school teams and then they played with students from other schools to score points for their team.

The games were Rapid 7+3, meaning the total time a player had for making moves was 7 minutes, with each move adding 3 seconds to their total time.

The style of chess board played on

Our School Team

These are the students that have participated, with Li G. being the youngest participant in the tournament:

  • Arash M. - Y12
  • Samo M. - Y12
  • Filip T. - Y12
  • Sophia S - Y11
  • Dong J. - Y11
  • Doraid S. - Y11
  • Li G. - Y7


Here are some quotes from our team:

“It’s fun but you have to try it to fully experience the feeling.” – Filip T.

“Very comfortable, didn’t have to see anyone, although I miss the school team very dearly." - Sophia S.

“I feel like I am so bad at chess after this tournament.” - Li G.

“Nothing beats the feeling of playing chess on a real chess board, but the fact that we could participate from home made up for that trade-off” – Samo M.

“The tournament was great and helped me improve my late game tactics” – Arash M.

If you are interested in looking at the standings of other schools, including the ratings of each players that participated, there will be documents attached to this article with all that information.