CIS March Music Madness

16.03.2021 | Written by Mrs Mila

This month’s music is fully focused on CIS March Music Madness competition that is going to be a huge challenge for all Primary students and teachers.

Some of the staff members have chosen their favourite songs, out of which the students can vote for THEIR favourite one! Using Seesaw platform, the children will complete CIS March Music Madness activity, vote for their preference, and change the outcome with each round.

We start off with 16 songs on 8th March and the 2. round with 8 chosen favourites will start on 15th March. The winner of CIS March Music Madness will be revealed on 29th March during the Primary Assembly when all the children can listen to the CIS HIT of 2021! After that, this song will be used for CIS Talent show that should take place in June. Join in and enjoy this music madness together with us!