Exploring space: Y5 design Mars base models by Tereza P.

15.04.2021 | Written by Tereza P., Y5MM

This year, in Y5, we have been learning about Mars on Science which was linked to Topic. After we studied all needed, we were supposed to create a Mars Base project at home.

This project´s purpose was to create different solutions for different problems, oxygen or food for example. My class teacher announced this about in the beginning of March. I thought this project would be really cool, because we could use all the creativity we had. We all brought our projects after the holidays, with excitment to see wonderful projects of their classmates.

We used different materials, typical for home, like toilet paper rolls or plastic boxes from vegetables and fruits. Today, when we brought our projects, I saw some useful and great solutions and projects. I saw one that was very interesting, from sadra, and it could open in order to have a better view. I also saw a project that had a lift that went from Mars to Earth.

Many projects used Lego for showing some figures and details that can not be shown with the materials. My own project had a hospital with lego parts, as well as the laboratory and restaurant with lego parts. I also created an iceberg from aluminum foil, water tanks from cups and of course a rocket, anthene for signal and solar pannels for energy. My tunnels were made from parts of bottles. Actually, my housing looked really cosmic because I used plastic eggs from Jurassic Park! I got inspired for the houses by thinking it was similiar to that time, because life was just starting there, so now there would be a time for new life on Mars.

For the restaurant I was inspired by having an easier solution also for eating because the housing was just connected to the restaurant. If I could go to Mars, I would surely use this benefit. If I could, I would put all our ideas together, to make a really useful and liveable colony.

"I really enjoyed working on this project, since we had to think of solutions and also find some objects and materials appropriate for it."