Exploring space: Y5 design Mars base models by Simon M. D.

15.04.2021 | Written by Simon M. D., Y5MM

Our primary learners are reaching for the stars as they learn about space, design and technology. Here two Y5 students tell what exploring space means to them. NASA look out!

Feb 18, 2021 was a big achievement for NASA, because Perseverance rover landed on Mars. It was launched 30 July, 2020 and everyone looked forward to when it was going to land on the surface of the red planet (Mars).

While the Perseverance rover was on its way to Mars, we were learning in school about space, all the planets and the solar system. The global warming is getting worse and the resources on Earth are used more by every day that goes, and we don’t have indefinite materials. Scientists are therefore trying to find ways to live on Mars. Building a base on Mars is therefore very necessary for them to be able to live and do further research.

In school we started building a model of a base that could possibly be built on Mars. I got the idea for my project from this special event and everything we were learning about it. I also got inspired from some of the projects my classmates brought to school. I started to think of what materials I needed for the project and how to solve the many challenges on Mars for people to survive, like where they would get oxygen from or how to keep the right air pressure. Then I took a whiteboard and got the idea that I could draw a plan for making the project before making the project itself.

I first looked in my interesting space book to get ideas, where I could find many things, you need for this kind of challenge. In the book, I read about various plants that are useful to grow on a Mars space station, for example, lettuce, because it helps fighting solar radiation and protects your skin due to antioxidants. Peas put nitrogen into soil, which helps other plants to grow. Additionally, experiments show that rye would grow as well on Mars as on Earth.

"I learned a lot during this project and I hope we will learn a lot more about space, because it is very interesting and there is a lot to learn."