Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17.03.2021 | Written by Mr Stefen

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, it is a day that is now celebrated around the world. It is a chance to share Irish culture to others and today we had the opportunity to learn about Irish Sports and Irish Food.

To celebrate we got together as a class and learnt about the sport of Gaelic football and baked Irish soda bread.

Gaelic Football is an old Irish sport that dates to 1670. Through Irish Emigration, it has become a global sport with teams in Slovakia, Cambodia, Australia, America and even Argentina! In Cambridge today we had the chance to practice two of the main skills involved in Gaelic Football, hand passing and shooting. The kids were naturals!

We also baked traditional Irish Soda Bread today in school, this bread is easy to make and is traditionally eaten with soup in Ireland. After the children finished baking the bread, they enjoyed it with jam and gladly shared it with all members of staff who wanted to try!