Human rights videoconference

11.01.2021 | Written by Ms Denisa

On 1st October several students had the opportunity to meet through Zoom with Alena Krempaska a member of the Slovak human rights institute to discuss current global and national issues. We had the opportunity to ask questions after a brief introduction of what the human rights institute does. Currently it is fighting for equality for the LGBT community in Slovakia and against extremists groups that are becoming more popular in Slovakia. One of their main global causes is a campaign for the release of Julian Assange which they have been fighting for many years.

Ms Alena Krempaskawas very welcoming to questions from all students. One of the questions asked by students was: ‘Do you think the current corona virus regulations are a violation of human rights’.

Ms Alena Krempaska answered by starting that ‘These regulations are necessary in order to keep the public safe and prevent the spread of the virus, although the way they have been executed could’ve had a better approach’.

Picture source: .týždeň