The life and career of an ambassador to the UN

18.06.2020 | Written by Petra K., Y12S Student

Thanks to Ms. Denisa, Mr. Melia and the outdoor club, a few of our lucky students got to attend a unique webchat with the Slovak ambassador to the UN, Mr. Michal Mlynar. The call occurred via Zoom and started with Mr. Mlynar talking about his life, career and his personal achievements, including his years as a high school teacher and linguistics professor at UCLA. Afterwards, students were encouraged to ask questions and some of them sparked interesting discussions on world-wide issues.

Mr. Mlynar was attending the call from the official building of the Slovak ambassador to the UN in New York City, and he talked to us about the history of Slovakia in the United Nations since its establishment in 1945. We gained a lot from this experience, not just knowledge about what working in the UN is like, but about international relations, the intricate workings of the United Nations and the Security Council and UN history.

At the end of the call we also had a surprise visit from Mr. Mlynar’s wife, Ms. Andrea Mlynarová, who used to teach mathematics at CIS 4 years ago. 

I personally enjoyed the webchat thoroughly and think that it brought an insight to us all into what a career as a delegate to the UN looks like and made us think about our own future careers.

A big thank you to Ms. Denisa and Mr. Melia for organising this and especially to Mr. Mlynar for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to us.