Valuable insight on burnout syndrome with Lucia Okša

21.10.2020 | Written by Ms Denisa

On 21st October, we were honored and lucky that Ms Lucia Okšová - (one of the authors of Nevyhorení book & journalist at Forbes Slovensko) devoted her time to CIS and gave a valuable insight on burnout syndrome through online session during Secondary Assembly.

Ms Lucia presented her book, Nevyhorení and introduced some interesting stories of people who experienced the burnout syndrome. She also talked us through the phases of burnout and gave an enriching guidance on how to face, fight and prevent mental illnesses.

Above all, we are thankful for sharing her personal experience and motivating CIS millennials to create balanced routines for themselves and to find their own way of relaxation.

Thank you to Ms Lucia for breaking the stigma and talking about such an important topic. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors and are happy to draw your attention to "Nevyhorení" - Daily Diary of mental health which is now set for pre-sale with a discount in Martinus and can be bought online too.

Follow her journey HERE.