Y5 Junior Explorers

01.06.2021 | Written by Mr Tom Hawkey

Y5 take to Horsky Park for their Junior Explorers programme.

On Thursday the 27th of May, the three year 5 classes embarked on their Junior Explorers journey. Led by Mr Andy, the three classes will spend the next 4 Thursday morning in Horsky Park where they will build a range of outdoor skills and develop a deeper appreciation of nature.

This week’s session began with some teambuilding exercises. Groups had to quickly come up with a team name. They then had 5 minutes to draw a picture that would lead the other children to guess the team names. Some names were harder than others to draw and guess, including the “Devil Salamis”…!

Each group then marked out a 10m x 10m area of the forest by marking trees with chalk. They were then challenged to create a map of everything they could find in their zone, which proved to be more difficult than it seemed! However, through careful observation of the forest floor the children began to get a better sense of what was around them.

In future weeks, the children will move on to building shelters, plant identification, and creating a bug “hotel”. Finally, we will take a trip to Železná Studnička where we will have a chance to apply the skills that we build up over the 4 sessions to a new area of nature.