Dancing with the Stars

31.05.2021 | Written by Miss Vanda

Our Miss Vanda reveals her hidden talent.

Dancing has been a part of my life from my early childhood. When I was 5, I started with modern dance and some basic movement trainings. After this experience, my grandmother signed me and my older sister up for hip-hop dance classes. I was dancing in the dance school called Elastic in Bratislava until I was 18. Together with my co-dancers, we´ve participated in many competitions around Slovakia and abroad and it has taught me the importance of teamwork.

Also, I've been training and teaching children since being 18 until now. The beginning of my teaching career started in the dance Riverpark Dance School in Bratislava where I stayed for a few years.

Four years ago I've started to dance in the dance school Neytiri where I lead the trainings and the open class until now. However, I must say that one of my greatest experiences has been dancing with Dara Rolins - a Slovak recording artist and entrepreneur – for last 3 years. I´m one of five members of her dance group Dara Force. We're regularly dancing on her concerts, TV shows and music videos. I am extremely grateful every time I get to be on a stage with her.

Right now I'm trying to develop myself through a global online dance programme Motus The Company which is lead by the world-renowned professional dancer and choreographer Diana Matos. It helps artists reach their highest form of expression and their fullest potential through dance and movement.

Dance makes me feel full of energy and connected with my body - strong, free and alive. It is the best way how I can express myself and how to stay in the present moment.

I feel so lucky to be able to dance and to be a part of the social dance community.