Traveling the world with Ms. Dionne: Part I.

18.02.2021 | Written by Ms Dionne

My love of travel started at a young age. It began with frequent trips to the Lake District in England to visit family and quickly progressed to that first package holiday to Spain when I was about ten years old. This was followed by countless more package holidays to various places in Europe, school ski trips and eventually, after ditching the package holiday thingy and opting to embark on more adventurous trips, I had travelled to Ghana in Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia as I left my teens. Travelling has always reminded me that my life is not the only one I could live and that in the grand scheme of things, that I'm pretty unimportant to this world we live in. People get so caught up in their daily lives and forget that they can be somewhere or indeed, someone else, there are really no limits except the ones we create for ourselves. Travelling helps me make sure I don't forget that. 

Most of you already know me as Miss Dionne and for those who don´t, I teach English language and literature in Secondary at CIS. Before arriving in Bratislava in the summer, I spent a year teaching at a school in Northern Cyprus and before that, ten years in various schools in Doha, Qatar. Qatar, which is situated in the Middle East, was a good base for me to travel more extensively - I visited places like Oman, Jordan, Thailand, Russia and China. Living there also meant that I was nearer to my parents who live in Perth, Australia. Although I am from the UK, I would say Australia is kind of my second home, it is also where I go to when I really need to chill out. The beaches there are fantastic, and the outdoor lifestyle really helps to clear my head. I love the fact that I can combine my travel choices with my work and that I not only get to know places from a touristic perspective, but I also get the privilege of experiencing the culture and lifestyles of the local people through the students that I teach and this makes me feel more integrated if that makes sense?

I just love road trips! I have travelled by car through most of Europe and Australia, no concrete planning, no schedule to keep to, no accommodation booked, I like to just go with the wind. Stop when I like, eat when I like, stay in places I like. I really enjoy the discovery part of it... I like to explore new things, new places, new views, new people, new everything...There are many ways to explore new things, but traveling is for me, the most satisfactory as it is the most comprehensive way to encompasses many elements of a country from the political views of the people to their delicious culinary delights. I sometimes just like getting away from the routine of life and having a break from reality. Sadly, at the minute, with all the new crazy security issues and the added dilemma of a world pandemic, travel is not so ´free spirited´. Now, we must be aware and even worry a bit when traveling when in the past, the idea of travel was to get away from your worries.

Ms Dionne