DofE hikes are back on

14.05.2021 | Written by Mr. Andy

Covid regulations ease to allow IA expeditions to take place.

The easing of covid restrictions across the country and new guidelines for schools will soon allow us to get our hiking boots on and get moving. In light of this, the DofE Award Leaders have been planning Practice and Qualifying Journey’s to get our IA teams back on track to complete their Awards.

Starting at the end of May two Bronze teams will be heading to Bornika and Raca respectively to complete their Journeys. They and the Award Leaders will be making sure that everything is done according to Ministry of Education guidelines plus the extra precautions put in place by CIS management. It will be great to see our participants back out in the wild, working as a team and challenging themselves to put together an expedition that is fun, safe and filled with experience.

Our DofE expeditions will take on an added poignancy this year with the tragic death of the Duke of Edinburgh, the founder of the DofE Award. This Award is now run in 140 countries and has been completed by over six million young people globally.