New Look - CIS Sports Challenge

04.05.2021 | Written by Mr. Andy

The popularity of our Fit Challenges encouraged us to upgrade and expand fitness at CIS.

The lockdown has presented CIS staff and students with many challenges over the last year, but one challenge in particular has been to try and maintain our physical and mental wellbeing. The sports department and outdoor programmes got together back in January to set students and staff a series of fun monthly fitness goals to keep us all fit, happy and healthy.

The CIS Sports Challenge is open to all Students and Staff at CIS.

Motivation! It’s not easy to get ourselves motivated sometimes so CIS has come up with some great incentives to keep ourselves going. For every kilometre you run, bike or hike, for every hour you do of exercise at home, we will award you tokens for your effort. These tokens can then be cashed in for sports equipment gift cards and CIS merch; and the great thing is you set our own goals and challenge yourself to reach your own targets! All you need to do is sign up using the form in the link below, download the Strava app and get going.

Sign up link is here:

If you are interested but still need a bit more convincing, then contact Mr. Peter Hodossy or Mr. Andy Melia for more info and more encouragement.

The May Challenge has already started so don’t wait too long.