Safe bike storage now available

27.04.2021 | Written by Mr Andy

If you are biking to school, CIS now offers safe bike storage.

Good News! As the weather gets warmer, many of you will decide to bike to school or come on scooters. Now we have a safe place for you to keep them.

A bike rack has been constructed outside the new 6th form building and it’s available for all CIS staff and students to use. With a 2 metre fence and locked gate, your bikes are sure to be safe.

How it works

You will need a key. These can be collected free of charge at the reception and is yours to keep. However, if you lose it you will need to pay €5 to have it replaced. Simply place your bike inside and remember to lock the gate behind you.

It is highly recommended that you also lock your bike with a bike lock.

When and how can we start using it?

Starting Monday 3rd May. Simply ask the reception for a key; they will also ask you to sign a receipt for the key.

Personal responsibility

This facility is provided by the school but CIS will not accept any responsibility for damage or theft. Please make sure you lock you bike securely and lock the security gate when you leave.

The receptionists do not have spare keys and will not be able to lend you a key.

If you are biking to school, remember to wear a helmet and be safe!