Stužková celebration, Y13SP


As this is our final year at CIS, it is time for us to organise our Stužková – the Slovak traditional prom ceremony.

The event is now set to happen on the 6th of November, and since it will take place in the Crowne Plaza hotel, Bratislava, it will be very formal and glamorous. Due to the pandemic, the event got cancelled for the Y13’s last year but we hope the restrictions will allow us to move forward with our own this year.

As many of you know, in the past week we have organised a Carnival and Ping Pong Tournament in the hall for the students in Y7-Y12. The prices for the winners include CIS merchandise and various snacks! Since the Stužková is now officially a month away, we will be organising more fundraising events in the next couple of weeks – so keep an eye out!

We are all very excited for the event to take place, especially for the opportunity to dress up and have a fun night off with our families, teachers and guests.