Fit Challenge gets a makeover

26.04.2021 | Written by Mr Andy + Mr Hodossy

Now called CIS Sports Challenge we have taken fitness to the next level.

Our Fit Challenges are becoming more popular, so we have made some changes to make them more accessible in the long term.

Change of Name: We will now be called CIS Sport Challenge.

Tokens not prizes: Instead of earning monthly prizes you will now be able to earn ‘Tokens’. The more sport you do the more tokens you earn. You then spend your tokens on a selection of prizes YOU CHOOSE

Monthly challenges PLUS long term commitment earn tokens: You can earn tokens by continuing with your sport every month PLUS by taking part in our Monthly Challenges. EVEN IF you do not want to take part in a Monthly Challenge you can still earn tokens by continuing to run, hike, bike, or exercise at home on your own. You will still need to log your activities in Strava.

*Bonus tokens: If you complete the Challenge you can earn bonus tokens.

Every new participant is welcomed to the CIS Sport Challenge with 25 bonus tokens to get them started.

Here are a selection of prizes and the number of tokens you need for each prize:

CIS Voucher: 50€ for sports equipment – 400 tokens

CIS HOODIE: 300 tokens

CIS T-shirt: 150 tokens

CIS buff / tubular: 100 tokens

How much you need to do to earn tokens

When do we start?

We start this new system on the Monday 3rd May. As you begin your activity and logging them through Strava (contact Mr. Hodossy if you need help with Strava), we will be collecting your activity data. When you decide to ‘cash in’ your token for a prize you need to contact Mr. Andy or Mr. Hoddosy and it will take about 2 -3 weeks for you to receive your prize.

When is the next Challenge?

The next challenge also starts on the 3rd May. This is a Time Based challenge.

10 Hours of Activity by 31 May - (2 bonus tokens if you completed the challenge)

20 Hours of Activity by 31 May - (5 bonus tokens if you completed the challenge)

30 Hours of Activity by 31st May - (10 bonus tokens if you completed the challenge)

A sign up sheet will be posted by Mr. Hoddosy this week.