Year 13

Health Declaration

When you enter the school, please fill in the form - Online Health Declaration.

The students still need to bring a new signed copy of the health declaration after absences lasting 5 or more days (including weekends and holidays).

Start of term

The school officially starts on Monday 4th September. The day will begin at 8.00. This is an integral part of the school day and provides students with an opportunity to check in with their Class Teacher and ensure that they are fully prepared for the day ahead. The school day will end for all children at 15:45.


Monday 4th September

Friday 15th September

Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November

Friday 17th November

Wednesday 27th December to 5th January

Monday 4th March to Friday 8th March

Thursday 28th March to Friday 5th April

Wednesday 1st May and Wednesday 8th May

Term Starts 8:00AM

Bank Holiday 

Autumn Holiday

Bank Holiday

Christmas Holiday

Spring Holiday

Easter Holiday

Bank Holiday

Friday 30th June

Term Ends from 1:00PM