Year 2


If a child tests positive for COVID-19, please report the case to the school and your doctor immediately. The 2 official communication channels are: Covid Hotline+421 918 244 899 and

Your child should stay at home (in self-isolation) until their symptoms disappear for a period of at least 5 days. They must then wear a respirator/face mask in school for the following 5 days.

If your child is in any way unwell, we would ask you not to send them to school and to be supportive if we need to send your child home due to illness or ask them to remain at home based on a positive result.

Health Declaration

When you enter the school, please fill in the form - Online Health Declaration.

The students still need to bring a new signed copy of the health declaration after absences lasting 5 or more days (including weekends and holidays).

Start of term

The school officially starts on Monday 5th September. The day will begin at 8.00. This is an integral part of the school day and provides students with an opportunity to check in with their Class Teacher and ensure that they are fully prepared for the day ahead.   

The school day will end for all children at 15:20.

The entry and exit points for the year ahead are: 

  • Year 2 students should report to the Main entrance.
  • Timetables will be issued on Monday 5th September for all students. This will inform students of when they need to bring specialist equipment, such as PE kit.

Clubs and Courses

We offer some specialist after school clubs just for Year 2 students. There is one twelve-week clubs block this term:  12th September – 9th December. These are the activities offered:


Baking Club


Art Club


Spanish Club


Drama Club

Please sign up using this online Y2 CLUBS BLOCK 1 by Friday 9th September at the latest (places are limited in each club). Of course, Družina is still available each day for Year 2 students in addition to these specialist clubs.


  • Družina is open to students from Monday 5th September and runs from 15.20 -17.00 Monday – Friday. 
  • Morning Družina is open from 7.30 until beginning of teaching for Year 2 to Year 6.

If you wish your child to attend Družina, please fill out this survey.


Thursday 15th September Bank Holiday
Friday 28th October to Friday 4th November Autumn Holiday
Monday 7th November Term Starts from 8:00AM
Thursday 17th November Bank Holiday
Thursday 22nd December Term Ends from 1:00PM
Friday 23rd December to 5th January Christmas Holiday


International Day of Democracy (Assembly)

12th September

International Day of Peace

Open House AM or PM - Day TBC - Y7&Y3

12th September

20 – 22nd September