Matúš Jarábek

Teacher of German

Matus studied German and Slovak at at Trnava University. After graduation, he spent a year as a teacher of German at a high school named Marks Gymnasieskola in the city of Kinna, Sweden, as a participant of the Comenius programme. He then spent two years teaching German at a grammar school in the city of Malacky, Slovakia. Following this, he taught German and Slovak at a primary school in Trnava, Slovakia, where he learned to create strong connections with his pupils. His next stop was quite unique and different from any of his previous destinations as he decided to move to China and continue his teaching career there for two years. He has also worked as a recruiter and trainer. His responsibility was hiring and training new German and English teachers coming to China. Matus likes doing sports, especially football and tennis. He is passionate about travelling, visiting historical towns and cities, meeting new cultures, and learning new things.