Monika Gallschneiderová

Teacher of Science

Monika was born in Zilina. She studied at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Comenius University in Bratislava, where she finished her Master´s degree in Chemistry and Biology with teaching licence included. While at University, she also passed the general state exam on the English Language at C1-C2 level. Monika has significant teaching experience, beginning from her time teaching at an English Private school in Zilina. Her international career however, includes teaching at international schools in Japan, China, Tanzania, and Romania, teaching the British curriculum as well as the IB curriculum. Monika previously led the Jane Goodall club focusing on helping the global ecosystem as well as people in need. She was also involved in activities leading to food sustainability, planting in greenhouses, as well as in yards and around schools, based on the climate zone. Monika loves nature, music, swimming, and cycling. She also loves travelling, and her most interesting moments have been spent in African national parks.