Ryan Vaughan

Ryan Vaughan

Teacher of Computing

After studying Computer Games Design at University Campus Suffolk, Ryan Vaughan went on to do some freelance web design for the next year, however he came to the conclusion that teaching is his passion. He completed his PGCE at the University of Portsmouth. Ms Ryan has taught both Computer Science and ICT for the last two years in the UK before joining CIS. Computer Science is a very interactive and fascinating subject that is constantly evolving and he enjoys spreading this enthusiasm in the classroom as there is always some new technological breakthrough every few weeks.

His personal interests lay in Computer Games, as his degrees namesake, but he is also completely immersed in any new technologies or gadgets and loves demonstrating any that he feels would further any students learning. He has in the past bought in several gadgets that have engaged even the most reserved students.

He truly believes in the value of experimenting with new ideas and challenges, as he says we all solve puzzles everyday without realising it, and getting students to not be afraid of putting forward new ideas that go against the existing solutions as this is what drives innovation.




30th August - Y2 Introduction Day

2nd September - Term starts 8:30