Zuzana Filipčíková

Zuzana Filipčíková

Year 2M Teaching Assistant

Ms. Zuzana graduated from the Faculty of Education at Comenius University in Bratislava with a Degree in English Language and Literature and Pedagogy. During her university studies she did an Intership in several bilingual kindergartens in Bratislava, where she was responsible for pre – school children. Over the summers she used to work as an animator in different sea side resorts, where she got in touch with many nationalities and families from all around the world. This experience influenced her decision to work in an international environment and support children in their learning. Zuzana is a passionate volunteer and likes spending her time with children from orphanages and children from poor social and family background. Since 2014 she has become a language tutor for Helen Doron English learning centre where she teaches children for whom English is a second language. 

She has an outgoing and enthusiastic personality, and in her spare time she enjoys travelling,reading, walking and is interested in a personal development.




30th August - Y2 Introduction Day

2nd September - Term starts 8:30