Admissions Criteria & Process

Please complete the Admission Enquiry Form and return it to the school by email or simply fill it online. This form will help us answer your enquiry and ensure that you get relevant information when you visit our school.

You can send your questions about enrolment and studying at our school to or give us a call +421 907 150 643.

Our Admissions Manager Ivana Labajová (Miss Ivana) will be pleased to arrange a visit for you to see our school. She can also provide further information or answer your questions but will again need the information from the Admissions Enquiry Form to ensure that your enquiry gets the best possible service from us.

Admission Criteria

There are no fixed criteria for admission to our school; each child is treated individually. We do our best to place the newcomers into classes we believe they will thrive the most in.

In general, we look at how old a child is, where and how many years of schooling they have had, as well as their levels in English and Maths. A chart with the standard age of children in each year group can be found in our handbooks here.

A place will only be offered if we believe we are right for the child and the child will be right for our school community. Offers are only made by the Director, in writing. 

Results of the entrance examinations

Why do Admissions Officers rate Cambridge so highly? 

  Terms and criteria for admission to the first year 2019/2020




30th August - Y2 Introduction Day

2nd September - Term starts 8:30