"Cambridge International School is a lovely caring, very high quality school. The school supports every child individually and uses progressive teaching methods... it has a nice atmosphere for the children to grow and learn. 

Sharon Oliver

"This school is the best you can do for your child. The school differs from other schools by its positive motivation, individual attention and support of each child. 

Marek Trajter 

"A very high quality school with modern education, family friendly environment and amazing teachers... a friendly approach towards students, and the fact that children like going to school.

 Katarina Urge 

 "I am really happy and proud of my children who are learning in your school. I have seen my children's growth and improvement and their skills are developing from day to day, and they are enjoying the classes at their school. They were not able to do this without education and help from teachers who love all the students. I'd like to say thanks so much to all teachers. Thanks."

Sang Tae Lee

What in your opinion separates CIS from other schools?

"Their approach stands out as it is not a classic method of teaching, the children have the option to carry out and present their ideas and work (assembly is a great idea as it lets parents see what's "hidden" inside their children)"

In what areas do you see, as parents, your children making progress?

"Communication in English, especially on vacation with the added independence and less help required. Reading has become another favourite activity I think that it’s a tribute to the school as kids and reading are really supported."

Would you recommend CIS to other parents? Yes or no? Why?

"Personally I would. There are a number of reasons, for some maybe a bit trivial, for others much more crucial. The school day starts at 8:30, there is a good choice of meals and options for kids with allergies, most of the teachers know all of the students, there is again that personal approach to every student and they use interesting forms of motivation, in particular in the youngest classes"

Please describe CIS in a single word.

"About the children"

Miriam Repakova




30th August - Y2 Introduction Day

2nd September - Term starts 8:30