School Canteen

A nutritious diet is essential to healthy brain development in children, which is

critical to good learning.

A healthy, balanced diet is crucial for children’s growth and development. Here at CIS we provide top quality dishes to ensure all our students have the healthy nutrition they need for optimal physical and mental performance every day.

Our school kitchen team consists of five professionals who prepare fresh meals every day on site. As well as a range of wholesome, nutritious and delicious snacks and meals for all, the team also provides for students with special dietary needs, such as gluten-free or dairy free meals.

There is a daily choice from two morning snacks, two afternoon snacks, and at lunchtime a choice from two soup starters and two main courses, one of each being a vegetarian option. Parents are provided with a menu in advance of each week and are able to select the food they would like their children to be served each day.

Having good eating habits and a balanced diet supports children’s health and wellbeing, and minimises the risk of illness. Eating habits developed in the early years are likely to have a lifelong influence. 


Fruit is naturally available daily.

As well as the team preparing food each day, we have a supervisory management group who ensure that only top quality ingredients from leading local suppliers are used.  They also undertake daily sampling and tasting of all food prepared in our own kitchen. Meals are cooked to be low salt and low fat and no artificial ingredients are added during the preparation and cooking process so that healthy fresh ingredients produce healthy, delicious meals.

The school works with the best suppliers such as companies: Knoor and Kip for stored raw materials, Bratislava’s first bakery for bakery products, company Metro is our supplier for fruits, vegetables and fresh fish and Miran company supplies CIS with meat and meat products .

We are using an online system of ordering food at

The school guarantees the safety and quality of food. 


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June 2018
22.06.2018 - Secondary Sports Day
29.06.2018 - Last Day Of The Summer Term
School ends at 13:30
30.06.2018 - Summer holiday