Come to visit a truly international school with a curriculum from the University of Cambridge specially adapted with an individual approach to each child.

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Director's Welcome

Dear Parents,

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. So, what exactly makes a great school and the right one for your child? Outstanding facilities, a central location, expert teaching and support staff, excellent examination and university entry results, the highest levels of health and safety and pioneering educational programmes are certainly key aspects.

What is equally important however, but still measurable, is the level of satisfaction among existing students and parents, the smiling faces of the children as they arrive and leave school each day, the positive and friendly daily relationships that exist between staff, students and parents, the manner in which our children are praised, rewarded and corrected where necessary, and the overall harmonious vibe that pervades our community.

Every child is treated as an individual here at Cambridge International School, often affectionately called CIS, and I can guarantee as Director of School, that your child will be known, cared for and given myriad opportunities for progress and personal development both inside and outside the classroom. We live in unique times, but our commitment to the education, welfare, growth and happiness of children has not diminished, and indeed has become stronger as we support our young people and families in navigating these extraordinary times in which we are living.

Whole child holistic education is another key aspect of what we offer at CIS. We expect our children to do their best academically, following a rigorous curriculum throughout our Primary and Secondary sections, and we seek for them to explore their own unique preferences and academic aptitudes, but we also desire that they have every opportunity to explore their potential through Sport, the Arts, Music, Drama, Community and Service activities, Outward Bound pursuits and as members of clubs ranging from academic extension and the cultural, to the physical and the performing arts.

One of our fundamental aims is to prepare our students for their role in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world. At the same time, it is our firm belief that this should happen in an environment that is friendly, happy, supportive and secure. Knowing the pressures and stresses that demanding high quality schooling can place upon the young, our mission is to provide a harmonious environment in which the child, and not the system, is central. We know that a happy learner leads directly to effective learning, so we strive to make CIS a home-from-home for all of our students.

That journey begins in one of our four conveniently located Cambridge Kindergartens, Funiversity, and then continues seamlessly from Year 2 up to IGCSE, A-level and then onto leading universities.

Our curriculum is based upon internationally recognised gold standard educational programmes from the University of Cambridge, adjusted appropriately for our multi-national student body and central European location. Although English is our primary medium of communication, we are neither a British nor a Slovak school as such, but a truly international school, paying great attention to our specific community and context. One aspect of this, is that our fully qualified, certified and highly experienced CIS teachers and staff come from a variety of nations and backgrounds in order to support our diverse student body and to offer them a truly global perspective.

As a parent, you will witness your child’s growth and development as they graduate from our Kindergarten schools through Primary and Secondary to adulthood. Our goal is to ensure that every young person can be proud of themselves as they begin the journey of adult life, act as an ethical and responsible role model for others, and understand the part that the School and its staff have played in developing them as the resilient, tolerant, multilingual, passionate, dedicated and skilled members of society that they have become over many years of education within the CIS family. One final personal note – as a highly experienced educator who has worked in some of the leading schools across the globe, my wife and I have chosen CIS for our children's education. We believe that this school above many others, is going to give them the best possible opportunities to continue their educational journey, and as Director, I am dedicated to giving your child the very best chances of future success as if they were my own.

Mr. King in the grounds of the School with his family, wife Loredana, son Octavian and daughters Annabelle and Alexandra.
Mr. King in the grounds of the School with his family, wife Loredana, son Octavian and daughters Annabelle and Alexandra.

Do explore our website conveniently separated into Cambridge Kindergarten and Cambridge International School sections, which we hope will give you a detailed insight into our educational philosophy and pastoral and academic approaches. Of course, it is impossible to judge any school based on words or on a website alone. We therefore invite you to contact us via the admissions hotline or email below, visit and chat with us virtually in these special times, and discuss how our school can support your family's individual needs and help to fulfil your child's aspirations and dreams.

I send you the best of wishes and look forward to meeting you and your child soon and hope that you will join our vibrant and supportive community. Of course, don't hesitate in the meantime to contact us for any queries no matter how small.

Mr. Aaron J.G. King MA (Oxon)

If you have any other queries, or would like more information about the School, please contact us at or give us a call +421 907 150 643.