Come to visit a truly international school with a curriculum from the University of Cambridge specially adapted with an individual approach to each child.

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CIS Values

We teach and inspire our students to develop and foster our seven CIS Learner Values

Be RespectfulBe Respectful

We encourage our students to consider the feelings, wishes and rights of others.

Be CreativeBe Creative

We want all students to use their imagination or original ideas to create special work and ideas.

Be KindBe Kind

Our students must always act and speak in a friendly, generous, and considerate manner.

Be CuriousBe Curious

We want our students build a strong desire to know or learn new things.

Be ReflectiveBe Reflective

Our students should show and involve themselves in careful thinking about their learning and their decision making.

Be IndependentBe Independent

We want our students to be self-sufficient. They learn to work and live without the need of support or advice from others.

Be ResilientBe Resilient

Our students are encouraged to adapt to difficult or challenging life experiences.