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Cambridge IGCSE

Year 10 & 11 – Cambridge IGCSE (15 – 16 years of age)

IGCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is a two-year programme leading to externally set, marked and certificated examinations from the University of Cambridge. Any student who takes an IGCSE subject will be gaining a qualification that is recognised globally. They are established qualifications that keep pace with educational developments and trends and so are an ideal foundation for higher level courses such as AS and A Levels and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Students typically sit seven to nine subjects in one session at the end of Year 11.

Our school currently offers IGCSE courses in the following subjects.

  • All students will study: English Language, English Literature , Maths, Science – Coordinated (2 IGCSEs) and German or Spanish.
  • Students then have a choice of three of the following: Art and Design, Computer Science, Science – Separate, PE, Business Studies, History and Geography.


Please note that these are a guide. Our professional teachers will take each specification and tailor their delivery of the subject for the needs of the students and our school. Rest assured, whilst our teachers cannot predict the questions on these external exams, they will all be working hard to ensure each and every student is prepared for the exams at the end of each course.

Each week students will also receive lessons in Personal Social & Health Education (PSHE), Physical Education (PE) and a weekly assembly.

All Slovak students will continue to study the Slovak language during their IGCSE years, though it will not lead to an IGCSE qualification. In addition, non-native speakers will also continue to learn Slovak in Years 10 and 11.

*Please be aware that we do not accept private candidates for IGSCE and AS/A Levels examinations.