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CIS Charity Concert

CIS Secondary students organised our second Charity Concert and Art exhibition at the Palffy Palace on Zamocka Street. A carefully prepared programme of a variety of genres and performances was an amazing accomplishment once again. The concert was a combination of Secondary students and Primary Choir, solo singers, piano, guitar, violin, accordion, and even horn music played by one of our parents! Our staff generously joined the concert once again with their wonderful musical and dancing skills. Art students designed, printed, and sold T-shirts and showed their great creative talents at the exhibition that followed the concert. From Year 3 to Year 13 students, from musicians to poets, volunteers and artists, our students made everyone very proud. Overall, it was a very successful event that enhanced the importance of our young talents and at the same time supported a charity that helps children with Down’s Syndrome. The concert and art fair raised Euros 1099 for charity which was kindly matched through the significant generosity of one of our parents, making it a sizable donation to a very worthy cause. Thank you all for your donations, your attendance and your enthusiastic encouragement of all our performers on the night!